Engadin Sky Paragliding Flight

From CHF 230

+8 Additional options

The classic 15-20 min Flight. (Extra flight time up to 30-40 min can be purchased at checkout)

From CHF 230

+8 Additional options

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We meet at the valley station of the confirmed mountain railway. Together we go up the mountain by railway and take a light hike approx. 10 minutes to the take off spot.

After the glider has been laid out, the lines checked, the harnesses tightened, and the Pilot has given you a detailed Briefing, we take off by running e few steps. Once airborne we look for updrafts, fly sometimes with birds and/or simply enjoy staying up. After a flight of about 15-20 minutes (wind condition permitting) we glide down to the landing area, which is close to the meeting point.

For further information or questions please contact Paragliding Engadin by email or phone: mail@paragliding-engadin.ch or +41 (0) 81 842 66 66


15-20 min Flight time. (Extra flight time up to 30-40 min can be purchased at checkout together with the Foto/Video Package). In case the thermals will not allow the exended flight time on that specific day, we will return you the amount of the ''Extra flight time'' after the landing.

Like a bird we circle in the updraft. New mountain peaks appear on the horizon, the world under your feet becomes smaller. Now we also have the possibility to do a little air walk. The passenger may co-decide where to go.

St. Moritz & Engadine at it's best - enjoy the bird's-eye view!


  1. Surlej CH, Via dal Corvatsch 73, Silvaplana