Paragliding Biplace / Tandem flights in the Engadine

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Valley glide

10 min.

Quiet, enjoyable, often takes place during the morning or evening. Take-offs: Muottas Muragl, Alp Languard, Corvatsch-Murtel


Standard flight

10-40 min.

We are looking for the thermal or laminar updrafts and try to use them. Possibly, we even climb (while flying) above the launch site and sometimes are accompanied by birds of prey.Take-offs: Muottas Muragl, Alp Languard, Corvatsch- Murtel, Piz Corvatsch


Sightseeing tour

40 + min.

If the thermals allow it, we can leave the mountain behind and embark on a “sky tour” from one thermal to the next. On good days, excursions are possible to the Bernina region or towards the Lower Engadine. Take-offs: Muottas Muragl, Alp Languard, Corvatsch- Murtel, Piz Corvatsch


Not included in the rates: cable car ticket, photos / videos


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Surprise someone with a paraglider flight and thus an unforgettable moment - the experience to fly like a bird above the earth, in this case the wonderful Engadin. Launching place and time of the flight are determined jointly by the passenger and the pilot. We will gladly send you the voucher with leaflet and invoice by post. The vouchers are valid for an indefinite period. However, Paragliding Engadin is happy to redeem them within 24 months.


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