Engadin Sky Summer

Like a bird we circle in the updraft. New mountain peaks appear on the horizon, the world under your feet becomes smaller. Now we also have the possibility to do a little air walk. The passenger may co-decide where to go.
We meet at the valley station of the prior confirmed mountain railway. Together we go up the mountain by railway and hike approx. 10-15 minutes to the take off spot.
After the glider has been laid out, the lines checked and the harnesses tightened, we take off with a few running steps. Once airborne we look for updrafts, fly sometimes with birds and/or simply enjoy staying up. After a flight of about 10 to 30 minutes (weather permitting) we glide down to the landing track, which is close to the meeting point.


St. Moritz & Engadine at it's best - enjoy the bird's-eye view!