Passenger Information


  1. Contacting the pilot (latest 3 hours, ideally 2 days before the flight) Agreeing the time of the flight, take-off and landing site

  2. Meeting venue Depending on the situation, the meeting point can be the hotel, the cable car valley or mountain station or even the take-off itself.

  3. Take-off At the launch site the pilot carefully prepares the flight equipment and the glider for the flight and helps the passenger into the harness. After a clarifying introduction to the passenger as to the actual starting procedure, the take-off time may vary with the ideal wind conditions for launching . Some controlled, fast steps …. and of we go …

  4. The flight – pure indulgence! Enjoy the bird’s eye view, you can let the pilot explain your points of interest around the flying experience and inform them about your feelings to make sure he can optimally take your needs into consideration and create a positive, memorable flying experience for you. If the conditions allow it, the pilot can take pictures and videos and the passenger can – if he wishes – take over when filming.

  5. Landing The landing is mostly quite unspectacular. As we always land against the prevailing wind direction, usually a few steps are sufficent to bring the glider to a stop on the ground. From time to time, the wind conditions in the Engadine make it necessary that an alternative landing is chosen. In this case, pilot and passenger travel back together to the starting point after the paragliding equipment is stored in the backpack.


Equipment, Requirements

The passenger should bring the following:

  • Hiking shoes, long pants, warm, windproof jacket, sunglasses

  • The ability to walk, ideally run a few steps

  • A minimum weigth of 30 kg



In Switzerland, paragliding qualifies as an ordinary physical activity. Accidents which occur very rarely, fortunately, are therefore covered by the ordinary accident insurance. Valid claims against the pilots are covered by their liability insurance.




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