Cross Country Flight

On selected days with good thermal activity, we will be able to fly higher then the Takeoff spot, using the warm airstreams, and fly to other areas of the valley, discovering new peaks and admiring the astonishing views that our region has to offer.

FromCHF 280
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Early Bird

Before the winds rise and the light is still young and colourful, we take off and calmly glide over the green meadows and the mirror-smooth lakes to the landing field in the valley.

FromCHF 180
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Engadin Sky Winter

Like a bird we circle in the updraft. New mountain peaks appear on the horizon, the world under your feet becomes smaller. Now we also have the possibility to do a little air walk. The passenger may co-decide where to go.

FromCHF 200
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Peaks Seekers (only on selected days)

Reaching great hights, admiring the main Engadina Peaks from above.

FromCHF 380
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The Adrenaline Junkie

Rocking the Sky with some G-Force activity. For the more adventurous passengers, who would like to have some action during the flight, we designed a special flight with the safest and most exciting tricks and some G-Force action. Our motto is of course SAFETY FIRST. Our experienced pilots will only perform the maneuvers under the request of the passenger and only in perfect wind conditions. Are you ready for some fun? We advise the passengers to come flying with a pretty empty stomach, you will be thankful! :-)

FromCHF 250
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