Peter Käch

Peter flies in the Engadine paraglider since God invented the updraft. The bird's eye view is his preferred way of seeing things. If there is no flying weather, he can be found with his tremendus sense of humor as the host on the unique camping site in Morteratsch.


Simon Brülisauer

Simon was born in the Engadine and is therefore used to thin air. That's why passengers feel comfortable with him: he is tall, strong and can explain everything. Once he lands, the passionate tandem pilot becomes the nice guy from next door again.


Jaqueline Bucher

Water and air are indispensable elements of life for the cheerful lady from Central Switzerland. But don't panic, water landings are not part of her flying repertoire. She provides the valuable, feminine touch to our team.


Davide Grosina

Italianite and perfection are not a contradiction in terms - Davide is the living proof. And perfection peppered with a pinch of passion runs through all his flying skills.


Stefan Conrad

Local nature boy with a strong urge to be outside. High altitude is his elixir of life. No mountain stops him from climbing, no path is too difficult for him. His enthusiasm for the airy experience is contagious, guaranteed!


Werner Messerschmidt

His accent is deceptive - the Engadine mountains have long been Werners second home. The minded man also masters the art of dizzying ‹wing rotation› like no other. If you like it turbulent and dynamic, you should not evade his arts.