The Adrenaline Junkie Flight

CHF 270
Rocking the Sky with some G-Force activity. For the more adventurous passengers, who would like to have some action during the flight, we designed a special flight with the safest and most exciting tricks and some G-Force action. Our motto is of course SAFETY FIRST. Our experienced pilots will only perform the maneuvers under the request of the passenger and only in perfect wind conditions. Are you ready for some fun? We advise the passengers to come flying with a pretty empty stomach, you will be thankful! :-)

Engadin Sky Flight

CHF 220
You are flying for free today.

Honey Moon Gift

CHF 499
Love is in the air! A package including 2 Flights plus Videos and Pictures, made for couples with special requests. After you booked the Gift Voucher,whenever you have a second, just give us a call or write us a message, and we will be happy to plan together with you, the tailormade experience in the air that you have always been dreaming of!  :-)