Procedure before your flight 

  1. Making contact, setting arrangement
    (latest 3 hours in advance, preferably 1-2 days before flight)
    Determining the meeting point and timing.

  2. Meeting Point
    Depending on the wind direction, the Pilot will choose the most suitable flying site.The meeting point will usually be al the Ticket office of the chosen station. The usual meeting points are Surlej/Corvatsch Ticket office for the Corvatsch flight, Corviglia Ticket office in St Moritz for the Corviglia flight, Punt Muragl ticket office for the  Muottas Muragl flight or Lagalb Ticket Office for the Lagalb Flight.

  3. Take off
    At the take off area the pilot prepares the flight equipment and checks the equipment for safety accordingly. Afterwards the pilot prepares the passenger with all the equipment and gives a clear briefing on safety and take-off procedure. At times we need to wait a little for the perfect take-off wind conditions. Once the wind is good and we are ready: Check, run.... and we float away from the ground!

  4. The flight – pure enjoyment!
    Enjoy the bird's eye view, let the pilot explain to you what interests you most about the flight experience and inform him about your state of mind. This allows the pilot to take your needs into consideration and make your flight a positive and unforgettable experience.
    The pilot will take photos and videos during the Flight and the passenger may be able to steer the glider for a certain period of time, if he or she wishes so. 

  5. Landing
    The landing is the easiest part of the flight. Since the glider lands against the prevailing wind direction, a few steps are sufficient after the first contact with the ground until the glider sets back on the floor. Dependig of the wind direction the Pilot will chose in the air the Landing area. In this case this will not be the standard one, pilot and passenger will return together to the starting point by bus or car after the paragliding equipment has been packed away accodingly.


Equipment, Requirements

The passenger should bring along:

- hiking boots, long trousers, warm and/or windproof jacket, sunglasses

- good walking ability, capability to run a few steps faster

- we advice not to eat or drink small amounts for at least 2 or 3 hours prior to the flight to avoid motion sickness. 

- Minimum weight 30kg maximum weight 110Kg



In Switzerland, paragliding is regarded as a normal sporting activity and not as an extreme sport. Accidents, which fortunately occur very rarely, are therefore covered by ordinary accident insurance. Justified claims against the pilot are covered by the pilot's liability insurance.



Cancellation 48 hours in advance, otherwise the flight will be fully charged.